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Why 1 Source Entertainment?

1 Source Entertainment’s four-week workshop will allow Middle and High School Students in Tallahassee, FL to learn the basics of studio recording.

By attending this workshop, Students will gain a better understanding of audio engineering.

Professional Recording Studio
Pro Tools HD9 Control Room, Live Room and Vocal Booth

Educated Staff
Classes taught by Full Sail University Recording Arts graduates.

Hands On Training
Repetition is everything in a production facility. That is why our program lets Students get a full hands on experience. Helping them to better understand the equipment and signal flow. 

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The Studio Production Workshop Schedule! 

Week 1: DAWs & Signal Flow
Students will learn the different types of Digital Audio Workstations “DAW” and the proper ways to use plugins, busses, and other internal routing techniques. Now being able to dissect terms such as Bit Rate, Sample Rate, and Voices, students will no longer feel lost in a professional studio environment. 

The first week students will be introduced to Signal Flow. This is a must know for any studio environment. File management and session setup will be a critical part of the week’s lesson.

Week 3: Postproduction Audio
Recording and mixing music are not the only career options for studio engineers! TV, Film, Commercials, Video Games, and now Online Content use audio professionals then ever to produce and design unique material.

Students will tap into the exciting world of sound design and movie voiceovers. An afternoon filled of Foley will ensure their imagination is used to its full potential, as sounds needed for a video clip are uniquely created.

Week 4: Session Recording
During the final week of the recording workshop, students will get the opportunity to showoff their skills learned. From their studio professionalism to the console settings, it will be up to them to ensure the artist has a Class “A” experience.

The final day Students will get to experience the process of mixing a record. They will quickly learn mixing is a talent that takes years to prefect. By attending the 1SE workshop students will be given the opportunity to see beyond the mix and exposed to other studio possibilities.

The Buzz About 1SE Studios

"I use 1 Source for all.."
I use 1 Source for all my media and entertainment needs.  

Willie BumBum, H2 Productions
 Multi Platinum Producer

The 1 Source Entertainment staff is really educated! Your schooling and prior experience sure shows!

Scott Megary, Blue Abaco
Business Owner

"Shows The Passion"
I think it is awesome you are creating the Tallahassee Recording School. It really shows the passion you have for the business. 

Shaun Kimball: Tallahassee, FL

"Nicest Studio in Tally!"
This is by far the nicest Recording Studio in Tallahassee.

Customer, 1 Source Ent

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About 1SE

1 Source Entertainment is Tallahassee's newest recording studio, professionally designed, the studio features double walls, floating floors, Pro Tools HD, and an unmatched vibe. 

1 Source Entertainment' s digital studio offers state of the art recording, mixing, graphic design, and web development. 1SE specializes in social media marketing and artist development / management.   

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850.270.81SE (8173)

Twitter: @1SourceEnt
Email: WorkShop

Monthly Classes

Classes start monthly and availability is on a first come first serve basis. Classes are one on one to ensure an effective educational environment. 

To reserve your seat a deposit must be made via Paypal at the provided link. (Link will be sent via email.)

Scott Reinfeld Owner
Course Developer, Instructor  and believer in all who believe in us!

Dustin Crum Engineer
Dad, Veteran, Instructor, and engineer geek!

Jesse Plunkett Manager 
Oversees facility and scheduling. The music history brain child!

Learn more then just how to hit record!

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Week 2: Studio Design & Acoustics
Week two will allow students to acquire a taste of audio acoustics and studio design. Learning about mixing and recording environments will help students to produce better recordings both at home and in a studio. 

Each student will have the opportunity to create his or her very own XLR Microphone cable. This unique trait is a vital skill audio engineers like to have. Microphone patterns, types and techniques will be shown and audibly examined by students to gain a better understanding for their usage.

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One on one classes!

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This workshop is a great way to begin developing the foundation needed to succeed within the recording industry.

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